B-Active Clinic


Steve Davies, 23, International 1500m runner said:
"I have my weekly sports massage with Andrew at B Active as it helps reduce the risk of injury and aids my recovery from hard training sessions".

Alastair Dickson, from Bristol said:
"I visited B Active with a frozen shoulder after being recommended by a friend. I had tried three other physiotherapists who had failed in their attempts to improve my injury. I am very grateful to Andrew for his expertise in restoring me back to full fitness".

Annaliese Heard, 25, International Triathlete said:
"I have experienced sports massage all over the world but rate the therapists at B Active as being right up there with the best that I have received".

Judith Edwards, 57, from Newport said:
"I would definitely recommend B Active to anyone who is need of treatment. I used the clinic as part of my rehabilitation from having a new knee and was very happy with the treatment I received".

David Harrison, 26, Professional Cricketer said:
"I have been a regular at B Active for the past 7 or 8 years now. As a professional cricketer I regularly suffer minor injuries and niggles and I find the deep tissue massage very effective".

Nicola Rocke, 31 from Cardiff said:
"I first went to B Active with a neck injury caused by RSI. Before my treatment I was unable to move my neck and was in a great deal of pain. After one painful treatment my neck improved remarkably!""

James Nazrat, 26, International 800m runner said:
"Regular sports massage helps remove the lactic acid that builds up through hard training and completing, therefore leading to a better performance on the track".

Jeff Tozer, 35, from New Inn Football Club said:
"I always go to B Active with any injuries suffered from football. I find them very knowledgeable and very professional".

Ron Matthews, 65, Plasterer from Pontypool said:
"I have had a bad back for years due to the demands of my job, but I am glad I have found B Active so I know where to go when my back flares up".